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    Bath and Body for your Dog with @EpiPet Products

    IMG_2360How do you keep a white/pink dog clean, happy and healthy?


    White dog owners all know that white dogs are special. They require special grooming, diet and even behavioral attention at times.  White dogs may have sensitive skin to sun exposure and also sensitive stomachs and allergies.   Epi Pet offers a line of pet car products for dogs and horses which are multi-functional enriching and suitable to all color dogs.

    Epi Pet Skin Treatment Spray:

    This spray comes in lavender, cedar mint and unscented. The purpose of this product is to stop shedding, odor and itching on your dog. To use this, just spray generously over your dog’s fur and into the skin then brush it in well. The secret ingredient here is “Galactroarabiana” – a super moisturizer found in the Larch Tree. Daily application will reduce shedding. There is also anti inch elements like tea tree oil and true essential oils and 5 all natural insect repellants. If your dog is like Jacob and doesn’t like ‘sprays’ then spray it on the brush and then comb him with the wet brush.

    Epi Pet Cleansing Agent Shampoo:

    This shampoo is tearless, soap free and safe for puppies and kittens. It is loaded with great natural ingredients. It is recommended that you microwave a bit of the shampoo for 10 seconds prior to use for max effectiveness like whitening or odor removal.  It is compatible with all flea and tick treatments and becomes ‘medicated’ when microwaved. Excited to try this next bath to see how ‘white’ Jacob can get!

    Epi Pet Sun Protector Spray:

    A sun loving dog’s worse nightmare is a sunburn!  This is great for dogs and horses alike and contains 4 sunscreen ingredients to protect from UVA and UVB. It is especially recommended for short hair dogs predisposition to skin tumors like boxers, dobermans, bull dogs, pit bulls, bichons, poodles, schnauzers.   I will bring this next time we go for a hike or to the beach.


    Epi Pet products have a slight vanilla scent that is mild and great for your dog.

    Check out their full range of products on http://www.epi-pet.com

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    Delicious @Dogswell Products for your Pooch

    Yesterday at Eventi Hotel, it was the perfect summer event. Roof patio, drinks, giftbags and dogs!


    Amazing reusable bags from Brooklyn bag company BAGGU filled with a notebook, treats, samples, Loofa dog toy and a portable dog dish that folds up.

    Brought these to the last puppy party and they were a hit!

    These are human grade and so yummy!

    These are great! This bowl is so convenient and you can fold and bring it everywhere.

    The newest Nutrisca food is potato and grain free

    Thanks for this fantastic event! Wish more events invited the owner and their dogs <3

    Find out more on http://www.dogswell.com

  • My Dog Jacob

    PetShoppe from @DuaneReade

    For our Canadian readers who are not familiar with Duane Reade, it is similar to Shoppers Drug Mart but in the US. They carry a ton of product from beauty, household, pharma and everyday needs. They also have a pet section!  They have great toys, accessories and even retractable leash (with poo bags!) and a flashlight.

    Our friends at Duane Reade sent us 4 products to test out and Jacob is more than thrilled!

    His favorite of course is the Pet Shoppe Ultra Durable Chew Ring Dog Toy.

    Can’t wait to use the retractable leash and the flashlight at night.

    You can see more http://www.walgreens.com which is a part of Duane Reade now!

  • My Dog Jacob

    Elimay Supplements for Dogs by @elimaypets

    We received these supplements today from our friends at Elimay! These are capsules for your dog that contain Omega 3, Vitamins and natural oils with a fish flavor. They contain a combination of herbs for immunity, Chemo detox, omegas, dextox and onco care.

    You can feed this to your dog in 3 ways.

    A dog can bite the gel capsule, or you can twist off the top and squeeze the contents into the food or they can swallow it.

    Jacob inspecting the capsule

    We will try it out and see how Jacob likes it!

    Find out more on http://www.elimaysupplements.com/

    Elimay Supplements provides a range of daily-supplements with essential all-natural omegas, vitamins, and nutrients to help your dog live the healthiest and happiest life possible. Choose from longevity, omegas, immunity, detox, chemo detox, onco care, and pain care.

    Support your pet’s complete nutrition including healthy skin, coat, and joints. The all-natural formulas that make up Elimay Supplements include ingredients you can trust, from a name you can trust.

    For owners who want to supplement their dogs health, Elimay Longevity, Omegas, and Immunity will help your dog maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • My Dog Jacob

    Get Cozy @CanadaPooch Caribou Hoodie

    My motto is always CUTEST in CHARGE!  Guess who is in charge in our household? Jacob of course!  Our friends at Canada Pooch sent us the brand spanking new Cozy Caribou Hoodie and we are so in love! As the cooler weather approach, walking your dog everyday is still something we look forward to. But when we pull on scarves and sweaters, don’t forget about your 4-legged friend! Dogs can get colds too and especially if your dog is an indoor dog like Jacob – A sweater is 100% necessary.

    What I love about the Canada Pooch products is that they are so WELL MADE. Just by looking at these products, you can tell the thought and knowledge put into designing it. The colors are gender friendly for any dog and they are beautiful and oh so “Canadian” with a Roots appeal.

    The tip of the hood is a easy snap button so it doesn’t bunch up or swing around. The bottom of the stomach part has also 2 easy snap buttons to make sure it stays in place. The lining is SO super soft like a teddybear (Sherpa) and way better and warmer than fleece that you find in most coats. My favorite part is the ribbing on the sleeve and stomach.

    The Ultimate Cozy Experience: ultra-soft cotton exterior & Sherpa lining
    New relaxed cottage-style logo
    Functional pocket for treat and bag storage
    Size-adjustable Velcro closure and ribbing
    Machine washable
    Leash / harness slit
    Sleeves for sizes 10-16
    Available in sizes 10-26
    Colours: Grey, black and red

    You can get them on http://canadapooch.com

  • My Dog Jacob

    One Slick Pup @RCpetproducts

    What is small as an iPhone?  Yellow like a rubber ducky and the one MUST have item these for these rainy summer days we are having? The Packable Rain Poncho from RC Pets!

    If you have seen these displayed at your local pet store, you have to pick this up!  It is the one small investment that will make your dog-walking in the thunderstorm that much easier.  Jacob looks handsome in the Sunshine Poncho in XL.  It is a waterproof shell that will keep your dog dry whether you are on a walk, going to the park or going for a hike.

    They have 6 snap buttons at the collar to ensure that even when the wind blows, it stays on – and a wide velcro strap along the belly.

    For more information on rain ponchos and gear for your furry friend: http://www.rcpets.com