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    Pretty Nails with @refinery29

    Ginger & Liz Eco-friendly nail polish

    Summer is the ultimate time to deck out your digits in some serious nail color — no glove- or sleeve-related obstructions in sight. And whether you’re a neon, nude or metallic kind of gal, we want to make sure you’re painting up stylishly… and safely. So, we called upon Ginger + Liz and their amazingvegan-friendly and toluene-, formaldehyde-, and DBP-free polishes to offer you a sweet, summer-perfect offer.

    Right now, when you spend $24 on GingerandLiz.com, you’ll get $40 to shop their over 50 on-trend nail hues. Each eco-chic bottle features a Control Top cap and a 398-strand brush, meaning you’re in for a super smooth application every time. Nail DIYers, this one’s for you.

    Photography provided by Ginger + Liz and ChiCityFashion.com

    This offer ends June 3!


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    Brush away your problems with @WorldCentric

    Take a bite out of this product! World Centric has launched a plant-based compostable toothbrush, a first of its kind in the US.The thought of millions of plastic toothbrushes not being biodegradable is definitely an issue. World Centric has many products already that are made from plants, not petroleum, and now they have created this BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) certified toothbrush & travel case!

    Both products are made from a plant-based resin called Ingeo™ (rather than a petroleum based plastic). When you are done with this toothbrush, World Centric can also provide a prepaid envelope so it can be sent to a composting facility for biodegradation (& not a landfill)!

    Choose your 7-inch toothbrush & travel case in blue, orange, or green for only $4.55! It can be found in natural grocery stores, some Whole Foods stores, and online.‘Tweet’ @WorldCentric & ‘Like’ them on Facebook – be sure to check out their other awesome, eco-friendly products

    Now you can always start your day off environmentally friendly 😉

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    Better sleep options with @coyuchi

    Do you know what you sleep in?

    Coyuchi is the first company to bring you organic bedding in the US! Choose from many different eco-friendly and natural bedding options for a better sleep.

    Granite Peak CollectionIsland Light Collection

    Their signature bedding is made of 100% certified organic cotton and they also have bath linens and baby items. Other materials include linen, cashmere, and pure, natural fibers.

    “Anything wrinkle-free has added polyester or is coated with chemical resin,” says Karyn Barsa, CEO of Coyuchi. “Also, skip super high thread counts: The thin threads may be strengthened with—you guessed it—more chemicals. Organic cotton, by contrast, simply softens over time, and generally lasts longer.”

    Morning Sunshine CollectionWoodland Walk Collection

    Be comfortable & healthy in your home with Coyuchi!

    ‘Tweet’ @coyuchi and ‘Follow’ them on Facebook!

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    It’s All Fair Trade at @PeopleTree

    We all know ethics can get a little hazy in the fashion world, battling moral issues from fur production to environmental waste to workers’ rights; however, more and more designers and fashion consumers alike are recognizing that that looking good can often come at prices that rise above monetary value. Fair trade clothing and accessories (that is, eco-friendly and organic) are acquiring support and gaining momentum as fashionistas the world over have begun to defend the cause, one of them being the bewitching Emma Watson.

    It’s great to see celebrities getting involved in real world issues that are easier to just ignore. Miss Watson has teamed up with People Tree, a fair trade designer in the UK, to create an eco-friendly line that’s gorgeous AND green. You go girl!

    Do your part and Go Green at People Tree Online !

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    Vapur Foldable Water Bottles

    “Every year, 200 billion bottles of water are consumed globally.  Unfortunately, only about 12% of these will be recycled, leaving 176 billion plastic bottles to be dumped in landfills or left to float in the ocean.” –from Vapur’s website

    Many people have already started doing their part to minimize needless waste by drinking tap water or using a water purification system and drinking from reusable containers.  One of the most popular on-the-go water containers is the stainless steel bottle, which unfortunately can be rather bulky!

    Vapur has come up with an eco-friendly, practical solution, which it calls “the Anti-Bottle.”  It’s a foldable, reusable, freezable, washable personal water container.  It’s super convenient, with extras like a carabiner to hook it wherever you’d like and a space on the bottom for writing your name.  When you’re done, simply put it in the dishwasher, let air dry and fold it up.

    They come in two sizes, .4L ($15.99 for 2) and .5L ($9.99 each), with a variety of designs.


    Bonus: Vapur participates in the 1% For The Planet program, which donates a portion of all Vapur sales to water-related causes.

    Are your water consumption habits eco-friendly?  If so, leave us a comment about doing your part to help the environment.

    To get your own Vapur bottle or learn more about the company, visit: vapur.us.

    kisses, Olisa

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    Book it, Bag it, Done

    Caitlin Philips is the mastermind behind Rebound Designs, a hard cover book turned purse concoction. I saw her stuff at the One of a Kind Art Show in New York, but she is based in Washington DC. These are really interesting and a great spin on eco/green friendly fashion.  I think it’s the perfect gift for that person you don’t know what to buy for… Like your aunt in Ohio?  I have no clue… If I got one for you, what book would you want on the cover? 

    The Book Purse: A Novel Accessory

    Each Book Purse is made from an actual book cover, but bibliophiles should not fret-no first editions were harmed! All of the books are rescued from library discards, yard sales, thrift shops, grandmothers’ attics, and the occasional dumpster. Great care is taken to find books that are unwanted, obsolete, or damaged. 

    The entire cover becomes the frame for the purse, with the spine as the bottom, so the longer the book, the wider the purse. Every purse is fully lined with a complementary 100% cotton fabric, and the handles are hand beaded to match as well. Each purse also has a small pocket, perfect for a slim cell phone or wallet. 

    The Book Purses are entirely functional handbags, and every book cover has been reinforced for strength and durability. Due to the nature of old books, some have “love marks” from previous owners, but this only adds to the character and uniqueness of each purse. While the Book Purses are meant to be used, they should be treated with care, like you would treat any special old book you treasured. 

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