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    Top Things Pet Owners Should do to Prepare for Disasters

    Top Things Pet Owners Should do to Prepare for Disasters Dr. Kurt Venator, Purina Veterinary Although it’s difficult to predict when natural disasters will occur, preparing for the worst can make the difference when every second counts. Below are five tips for pet owners to prepare for a disaster: 1. Know the common natural disasters that can occur: Though pet owners should try to be prepared for all types of emergencies if possible, depending on which U.S. region you reside in, there are certain natural disasters that are more common than others. For example, hurricanes and cyclones are more likely to occur if you live near the Gulf of Mexico…

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    New, high-tech wearable for pets could be a lifesaver when an animal is lost or injured

    Next to our children, our pets are some of the most important members of our families. We do everything we can to make sure both our kids and pets are safe, but eventually kids can shoulder some of the burden themselves. But when Fido runs off, we can’t expect him to tell the nice neighbor that finds him that he has a medical condition, or who his veterinarian or owner is. Though your pet will never learn to talk, there is a way to provide whoever finds your lost -or injured- pet with the information they need to offer aid. A new ‘wareable’ technology, MyEndlessID Pet, gives veterinarians and good…

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    Saftey for Pets: SimpleWag.com

    Whether it’s waking us up in the morning with a kiss, greeting us when we come home from work, or cuddling with us on the couch, dogs make our lives better. Since they are so good to us, we go to great lengths to return the favor. Oftentimes, that means slipping them a little something under the dinner table. While a lot of the time this is okay, if we’re not careful, certain foods can cause serious, even fatal problems for our pets. The next time you’re tempted to spoil your dog with food from your plate, make sure you’re not feeding him one of the ten most common foods…

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    Pet Summer Safety Guide

    With summer on the horizon and temperatures on the rise, weather conditions can become potentially hazardous for pets. In an effort to help increase awareness about the importance of summer safety, the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS), a nonprofit trade association dedicated to promoting the welfare of animals, created a summer safety guide with valuable tips and best practices for protecting pets during the warm summer months. “As pet parents, it’s our responsibility to protect our animals from summer threats including exposure to extreme heat,” said NAPPS president Yvette Gonzales. “Pet parents tend to forget that the sun isn’t the only thing they have to worry about. There…

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    Glow Leash Giveaway @DogeGlow for Black Dogs ONLY

    I grew up with a black lab cross called Bew Bew and I loved him so much! He had beautiful shiny black fur with dark chocolate colored eyes. I had him from grade 6 til I graduated from college.  So I am doing a very special giveaway today in his memory.  I recently read an article about how black dogs are abandoned, least likely to be adopted and generally illicit the most ‘fear’ from strangers. That made me so sad that I want to make this special giveaway to only BLACK dogs. I am showing them special love because they totally deserve it. Your dog does not have to be…

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    Pets and the Holidays with @AVMAvets

    Just in time for the excitement of the holiday season, the wonderful Dr. Doug Aspros, from the Bond Animal Hospital, has offered us some valuable advice when caring for our precious pets. If we have a holiday party, should we let our pet be with the guests or not? Mixing guests and pets often doesn’t work out very well advises Dr. Aspros, instead he suggests that closing off your pets in a bedroom or, another protected area, might be the better solution. Owners know their own pets, so the solution will have to suit the needs of your particular pet. However, it is important to keep in mind that just because you are happy to see…

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