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    Hey Good Looking! How to Look 10 Years Younger Without Surgery

    When it comes to looking younger, we are all striving to find that magic pill or potion. Sorry, ladies. But, if you want to look younger without going under the knife, you need to shake up your lifestyle. Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. It goes without saying. So, if you want to take a decade off your face, it’s time to get realistic.


    It comes as no surprise that exercise keeps you fit and healthy. But, if you want to roll back the years; it’s time to hit the gym. Make sure that you are hitting the gym and maximising your beauty potential. Exercise increases oxygen within your body. This ensures that you look glowing. But, it also ensures that you are naturally producing collagen. This is the key to looking wrinkle-free. When it comes to collagen, your body produces its own. So, ditch the Botox and make sure that you are undergoing a kick ass exercise regime. Your body will be more supple and increase elasticity. So, you will knock off a good ten years when it comes to your body and face.


    Lose Weight and Feel Great

    Losing at least 10 pounds will ensure that you look younger. Honestly. You should strive to lose weight for a number of reasons, especially if you are overweight. Your new gym regimen can ensure that you are in a right place to start losing weight. Aim for the golden number. You need to have 14% body fat to be a healthy person. So, start stripping fat and start looking excellent.


    Throw Out Useless Beauty Products (But Not All of Them!)

    When it comes to keeping your skin soft and supple, the best anti aging cream will be loaded with retinoid, vitamin A and DMAE. If your face cream doesn’t have these essential active ingredients in them, bin them. They won’t make you look younger. Having a good skin care routine is important. Glowing skin automatically looks younger. So, keep your lotions and potions in place and cleanse tone and moisturise. Use your fantastic anti wrinkle cream lavishly. Slather it on your face before bed for a youthful, toned appearance.

    Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 3.31.45 PMJura-Photography


    Have More Sex

    Don’t tell your husband but having sex three times per week is a great way of looking more youthful. Having more sex is a great way of losing weight and increasing hormones that make you look young and beautiful.


    Forget the Tanning Salon

    When it comes to looking tanned, it’s always best to fake it. Sunbeds and tanning salons can give you an older, haggard and more leathery look. Plus, you are increasing your risk of cancer. If you want to make sure that you are looking good, go pale and natural. Or, slather on the fake tan. It’s imperative that your skin is not harmed with UV rays. The unnatural light in the tanning booth can cause a wealth of problems for your skin. Not just for now, but in the future too. It’s always best to be a natural beauty anyway.

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    Heat things Up @LifestylesUSA Pt.1

    LifeStyles Luxe™ Premium Personal Lubricant

    Long-lasting silicone-based formula provides superior comfort

    • Proven to last at least 3 times longer than regular water-based lubricants*
    • Enhances your opportunity for adventurous intimacy as it works in the bath, hot tub, shower or pool
    • Non-sticky and fragrance free
    • Doesn’t dry out
    • Easy to wash off with regular soap after use

    * According to In Vitro study, April 2010

    There are so many creative ways to use a lube besides the obvious! It can be used for post work out massages, feet rubs and even getting off rings that are too small 🙂

    If you want to win this product, follow @LifeStylesUSA and @Heydoyou and give us your favorite ‘winter themed’ pick up line!

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    @Rachelkhona for Happy and Healthy Relationships

    Rachel Khona, relationship and sex expert, and her tips on making the most of your holidays with your partner.

    The holidays should be a joyful time spent with those you love. For those who are looking to spend the holiday with their significant other, it can be tough trying to find the perfect activities that both will enjoy. This holiday season, create several bonding experiences with your partner using the following tips by Rachel Khona as she helps create fun and memorable experiences that couples will enjoy.

    See the holiday lights

    Hop in the car and take a drive to one of the more festive areas to catch both the garish and the beautiful decorations. Alternatively if you live in a city, you can take a stroll to check out the storefront. You can even take turns rating the houses or storefronts.

    Make holiday treats

    The holidays are all about baking. Making cookies, pies, and gingerbread houses together actually creates the perfect bonding experience. You have to learn to work together and cooperating. Best case scenario you’ll have delicious new goodies. Worst case scenario you’ll have a funny story to tell later.

    Holiday Movie Time

    This is the perfect time to whip out all the funny, sappy, and romantic holiday movie. Bad  Santa, The Elf, It’s a Wonderful Life are all possible pics depending on your mood. Snuggle up with a bowl of popcorn and have a marathon movie day.

    Decorating the Tree

    This is one of the most festive ways to get into the holiday spirit. You can even pick out the tree together. Pour some mulled wine or hot apple cider and get going. You can pick a theme for the tree like Star Wars or the Nutcracker.


    More About Rachel Khona:

    In addition to serving as contributing editor for Vagabond, Rachel Khona has written for Cosmopolitan, Inked, Treats, Richardson, Your Tango, Penthouse magazine, Ask Men and has been consulted for her dating knowledge on radio shows such as “Poundstone Power” and “Broadminded” on Sirius XM, “Love Zone USA”, “Los Originales”, as well as  How About We, Coed Magazine, Sex Lies and Dating, The Grindstone, What’s Wear and Gloss Magazine. She has performed at the Word Bookstore, Inner Monologues, Standard Issue, and Speakeasy Stories.

    For more information, please visit www.rachelkhona.com or ask her on Twitter @RachelKhona

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    @JopenLLC Intensity Sex Toy Review

    I’m not sure how eventful your Valentine’s Day was, but this is what I had to play with. Intensity is probably the only sex toy that has an inflatable g-spot area to really hit the spot. But that’s not all — it involves electro-stimulation that seriously intensifies your experience! Ever remember getting shocked when you visit the Science museum and play with electricity? Imagine all that activity happening down below…

    Just putting my finger on the steel areas sends shocks through my entire arm. Designed for kegel exercises, the Intensity not only helps strengthen your pelvic muscles, but it literally intensifies your orgasms. Can you ask for a better playmate?

    Check out the video below to see how it works!

    Don’t forget to check in next month and enter to win one of these amazing sex toys!

    xoxo, @missamandachen

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    VANITY by @JopenLLC

    Brr.. it’s cold outside. You know what that means. A lot of cold winter nights alone under the sheets. And what better way to spend it with some luxurious hours of uninhibited pleasure. With twelve beautiful versions to choose from, who cares what Santa’s got under his belt if you’ve got VANITY in your drawers.

    Talk about an expensive paper weight. But what sets apart its smooth curves from any other ear-flopping bunny is the fact that it has two intense motors that vibrate — separately. Control freak? Yeah, you’re going to enjoy this. I love that you can use every single part of this toy because it’s completely covered in silicone. I knew I wasn’t the only one that got pissed off about the cold metal touching my body and throwing off my vibe (vibrator virgins, think cold feet. Eww!).

    It’s also ridiculously convenient. You don’t even have to refill the batteries because it’s rechargeable and if you’re a shower moaner you can leave it in the tub and take the sailboat down below. Oh yeah, it’s also powered by PowerBullet which means you’re getting some super charged vibrations. FYI, stick to level one, at most two. If you’re hitting three you must already be numb. And check out how small it is! It fits right in the palm of my hand. Don’t worry boyfriend, I haven’t replaced you… yet.

    Get yours today at Aren’t We Naughty or Stag Shop — they’re on sale for $130. You know what I’ve got under my tree!

    Look out for my next review on Jopen’s new product, INTENSITY — a double duty product that both exercises your pelvic floor muscles and gives you incredible orgasms. Hello, talk about the sexercise! Go to Jopen.com for more info.

    Happy Hump Day! @missamandachen

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    Grand Opening of The New @caya_coop Store!!!


    Queen West’s sex store Come As You Are is making the move to a bigger and bolder space. The new location of Come As You Are, celebrating 15 years of service in 2012, officially opens at 493 Queen St. W. on Tuesday, November 15.
    This will be double the size of the original location, with a greater selection of quality sex toys, books, DVDs and a larger space for educational workshops. The store’s approach to sexuality is one of respect, openness, humour, communication, fun and responsibility. They will make you feel at ease if you are nervous and are always willing to help out.
    Come As You Are will have fun sex education workshops. The first series of workshops in the new space celebrates the return of Midori, the world-renowned sex educator and author of the Seductive Art of Japanese Rope Bondage. Midori will present eight exclusive workshops from starting this Saturday, November 26 to Friday, December 2. Topics include Hands-On Rope Bondage, How to Eat a Peach and Aural Seductions by Voice. To register, customers can go online or purchase a ticket in-store. Seems like an interesting workshop, maybe I should look into it. Anyone want to come with?

    Come As You Are has some events planned for 2012 including the annual Erotic Arts and Crafts Fair, and workshops including author Susie Bright on Sex Positive Parenting, and Shannon Bell’s infamous Female Ejaculation and the G-spot workshop.

     The public launch of the new Come As You Are store will be Saturday, December 3, 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. Hope to see you there!!!

    xo, Tanya