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    Got so many compliments on my Veronica M outfits in Miami Trip

    Do you catch up the Spring Break vibes? We just came back from Miami this early week. Of course, for a fun vacation, I brought one of my favorite vacation outfits with me. It is a very tropical and beautiful top and pant set from Veronica M.

    Saori Stretch Tube Top


    • Tube top with band at hem
    • Elastic top band
    • Signature stretch ITY fabric
    • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Follow care label, instructions may vary by fabric.
    • Made in USA of imported fabric

    Saori High Waist Palazzo Pants


    • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. Follow care label, instructions may vary by fabric.
    • Made in USA of imported fabric

    This set brought me a lot of compliments, from my family, friends, and strangers on the street. It is difficult to find a outfit that looks cute, and at the same time very very comfortable. This set meets all my requests for a vacation outfit. Especially in a hot and humid city like Miami, you should wear a high quality outfit to feel comfortable all day long.

    About veronica M

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    Fashion Bloggers’ Favorite Pieces This Spring

    It seems that, over the past few years, fashion became less a product of what fashion designers and streetwear retailers serve us and more of a product of social media, fashion influencers, such as fashion bloggers and off-duty supermodels. In fact, fashion industry recognized the potential of this change and started giving the influencers a chance to be the first ones to try on their new products. This shift brought a mini revolution in fashion game – it made it more open to experiments, recycling old styles, and creating edgy moments. And since spring is usually the most fashionable season of them all, here’s what bloggers hide in their wardrobes right now.

    Slip dress


    Straight back from the ‘90s grunge, slip dresses came back to the fashion scene and became one of the fashion bloggers’ favorite trends. Silk, satin, and plush are the materials to look for but when it comes to combining it with the rest of your wardrobe – possibilities are endless. Since they usually have straps, you’ll probably need something underneath or over it for a chilly spring evening. Plain white tee or denim jacket are nice options but feel free to play with it a bit.

    Graphic tees

    No matter what they say, you’re never too old to wear a good graphic tee, especially if the message it carries is powerful. The beauty of styling it comes from the fact that it can be such a versatile piece. For example, if you want to break down the seriousness of a simple blazer then wearing a graphic tee underneath is a must. On the other hand, they match marvelously with skirts, jeans, and shorts and can be a good base for every day-to-night outfit.

    Power suit


    Completely different from graphic tees but equally necessary in every fashion aficionado’s wardrobe, at least one power suit is something you simply must have. You don’t even have to buy the one that’s already been matched – you can make your own by pairing a nice blazer and a pair of cigarette trousers. The best thing about wearing suits is the elegant yet powerful look you can achieve without putting too much effort. As for the shoes, flat strappy sandals or any platform type of footwear are more than welcome.

    Ankle boots

    Ankle boots are one of those pieces everyone should have in their closet. Not only are they versatile but also comfy (if you choose the right heel) and bring a dose of nonchalance to every outfit. This spring, in particular, is going to be all about suede boots with clear heels, like those you can find in fabulous Billini shoes collection. They look best when paired with a vintage pair of denim trousers or midi slip dresses we mentioned above.

    Denim skirt


    It’s impossible to take a look at the ‘70s fashion and not notice denim skirts as one of the fashion staples of the era. Luckily, this wonderful trend found its way to the present day and now all fashion bloggers have at least one in their closets. Mini, pencil, or midi – the choice for length is all yours. If you’re worried you’re going to look like a high school girl wearing a mini denim skirt the trick is to pair with flats or low-heeled shoes. Ballet flats or sandals might be your best ally if you want to rock a mini denim skirt like an adult.

    The best thing about bloggers, not fashion shows dictating trends is that all of these pieces are pretty wearable and adjustable to any style. So, if you want to look trendy this spring, make sure you incorporate some of these into your wardrobe and make a fashion statement.

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    New #PLACEspring Goodies from the @ChildrensPlace

    The Children’s Place has a spring collection perfect for your stylish bitty!  What is a bitty?  A bitty is a tiny person in your life that could be your baby, your friend’s baby, your nephew, your niece, grandchildren or god kids even. Almost everyone in their 20’s or 30’s has a bitty in their life and the best place to shop for them this spring and summer is the Children’s Place.

    With bright colors, ice creams, popsicles, sharks and monkeys – you will have so much shopping this spring. Think about all the great occasions like birthday parties, barbeques and picnics!  Here are my favorites.

    Children’s Place stores are divided into four specific size ranges sections: Big Girls and Big Boys (4-14), Baby Girls and Baby Boys (6 months-4T). Most of The Children’s Place stores are located in and around regional malls, but also include some strip centers, outlets, and street stores. The majority of their stores are small, traditional mall stores.

    There are 8 locations in NYC so stop by their Union Square, Upper East or Brooklyn.

    Find more info on http://www.childrensplace.com

    #PLACEspring/  Facebook.com/TheChildrensplace / Twitter.com/@childrensplace

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    DressToKill Spring Edition pt3

    Last set!

    Vanessa and the twins; Lily and Lila

    Julio and Nick!

    yeah yeah yeah I had too 🙂

    oh mon dieu, les yeux!

    ah-do-rable 🙂

    smile for me

    model it girl

    so sweet, these two, hope you had a fun night!

    Keke! (Coty Inc)

    LOVES me so animal print!

    Yes. Yes. Red lips.

    Finally home… totally obsessed with scarfin it up!

    Thanks again to Dress To Kill magazine for having us out.

    peace, love and health


  • WorldWide

    DressToKill Spring Edition pt two

    I love this picture! Julio (Fashionights) and Jay Strut

    More pictures!

    I love the different shades of hair colour!

    Look at that skin! Always a pleasure Christian 🙂

    That’s how you do it girrrrrl!

    Get this piece by Hard Candi Jewellery by Naanafya for your special man friend ladies… or your brother?

    Check out Nikki’s website

    He brought a whole new meaning to “wings and things” and I dig it. Make sure you visit his website

    Aaah Royal blue hues, accessory galore, and LBDs. Work it! You have to see her shoes…

    As they were leaving, I jumped right in front of them and said, “Stop! I must take a picture.”  ha ha ha Did I scare them? Hope not  🙂

    Model it girl!

    The model. Wishing you safe travels Josh 🙂

    The lips, the shoulder bags. YES.

    more royal blues and cute heels!

    More models in the building! mm mm mm chest candy… lol, listen fellas, spring time is gym time 🙂

    Love all things cute and shiny!

    Dang girl.. YES.

    And now time for part three.

    peace, love and health


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    DressToKill Mag Spring 2011 Sneak Peek

    Bet you didn’t know that you’re looking at some SERIOUSLY talented people huh? Details coming…

    I know I said the pics would be up last night, but I’ve been writing 20-page papers since I got back from the Dress To Kill event on Monday! So you’ll have to forgive me for the delay, and I promise I’ll have them up by the end of the day. Trust me, the pics are totally worth it!

    I just pulled an all nighter, and now I have to shower and get to class in the next 45 minutes!

    Love you all!