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    Sparkly Drinks with Cascade Ice

    A fun zero calorie drink from Cascade Ice!  This is a great summer refreshing drink as a good alternative to soda or juice. It can be used for mixes and creating cocktails and cocktails or your summer get togethers. Cascade Ice is a zero-calorie, sugar-free flavored sparkling water that eliminates all the unnecessary, unhealthy “extras” found in other flavored waters like sugar, sodium, carbs, caffeine and gluten. Cascade Ice recently launched two new zero-calorie sparkling water flavors – Coconut Pineapple and Coconut Mango! The waters are not only zero-cal but are also free of sugar, sodium and gluten. These sparkling waters are a tasty and unique choice for warm weather enjoyment! With summer just…

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  • WorldWide

    “DELICIOSO TO-GO!” with @KahluaUS

    Cool off and enjoy the rest of summer with this must-have for a hot day – Kahlúa Iced Coffee, a convenient pre-mixed Kahlúa cocktail for anyone on the go. Kahlúa Iced Coffee will give you the taste of iced dark coffee using its locally sourced 100% Arabica coffee beans from Veracruz, Mexico. This is perfect for a BBQ, a pick-me-up, or to just enjoy. With only 150 calories, you can choose from three coffee flavors – Iced Espresso, Iced Mocha, and Iced Coffee with Cinnamon Spice. It’s available nationwide and has a 5% Alc./Vol. per 200ml can. The suggested retail price is $2.50/can and $9.99/four pack Wake up with Kahlúa…

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    @Absolutvodka_us Thirsty Thursday

      As the weather warms up and summer nights make you giggle uncontrollably… I have recently decided to mentally prepare for my life as a full time wifey… with the entertaining skills to match. As you know, these skills don’t come overnight nor is there a Youtube tutorial on how-to-be. It take a lifetime of being spoiled, going to endless events to hone in on the ‘art of entertaining’. First up, how to shake up a mean cocktail. I envision my life with mi amour to be filled with dinner parties, hosting international guests and evenings filled with clinking, laughing and happy murmurs. Umm.. maybe not so soon but I guess we can start with learning a…

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