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    Finding the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses with Covry Sunwear

    When I was in High School, this punk rock boy my friend was dating would teasingly say my nose looked like a “skateboard ramp” because I didn’t have a bridge. For a while after that I became super insecure about my nose. Was I weird for not having a nose that looked like all the actors that I saw on TV and the magazines?  I spent a good portion of that year looking into the mirror, with my fingers in the shape of an angled L on my nose trying to imagine what my nose would look like if it were a little “bridge-ier”.  I did this for hours at a time being emo listening to “Dashboard Confessional” and “Panic At the Disco” and practicing my liquid eyeliner in the bathroom.

    covry 5covry 2covry7

    It was only with time did I realize that most Asians like myself have little to no bridge anyway. It’s a characteristic that makes me, and all my other fellow asians intrinsically unique.  That and the kid ended up dropping out of school and I realized he was just a silly teenage boy.

    That is, until it gets to be a sweltering, sunny day (like today) and my sunglasses (https://www.globosurfer.com/best-polarized-sunglasses/) slide off my nose and I’m stuck pushing up my glasses like a nerd every two seconds. I think to myself, “DAMN IT. He was right all along! My nose is a skateboard ramp for sunglasses!”

    HOWEVER, there is a solution! For anyone who’s ever been in a sunglass situation similar to mine, Florence Shin and Athina Wang, co founders of Covry Sunwear are  launching a line of sunglasses that are specifically targeted towards problems like these! I mean, sliding sunglasses not teenage boy bullies.

    Covry Sunwear,  besides being super cute + stylish, have longer nose pads, narrowed nose bridge and a smaller curve of the frame.  As a plus, for all you green conscious pals out there, these glasses are hypoallergenic,  made from renewable resources, and made of high quality Acetate.  Polarized, UV protected lenses round out these sturdy yet fashionable specs, so I’d say anyone’s momma would approve! These are a perfect for my features, and anyone who has had any trouble with contemporary sunglasses skating off their face.

    covry 4

    These ladies have already fulfilled their KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN with an amazing$53,127, surpassing their original goal of $18,500.  You can get your own pair of COVRY  sunglasses this Fall by signing up for updates here.   PLUS THEY SHIP FOR FREE ALL OVER THE US, AND SHIP ALL OVER THE WORLD.

    covry 6



    Ciao for now!



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    The Selection at @Avoceeyewear

    Avocê is a women’s eyewear brand of chic optical glasses and sunglasses priced under $100! With their amazing prices, vibrant hues and unique designs, Avocê’s frames are the perfect accessory for any woman this summer.

    Optical glasses and non-prescription polarized sunglasses are priced at $99 and will include 100% UV protection plus anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings at no additional charge. Prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses are priced at $169. All orders include free shipping and free 30-day returns. Additionally, through their Home Style and Trial program, customers are able to select three frames to preview in the comfort of their homes with complimentary shipping in both directions.

    All frames will be available on their site www.avoce.me.

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    Sunny Days Ahead with @Glassesshop

    I have a great love for sunglasses and often buy numerous pairs throughout the summer from fashion retailers like Forever 21, H&M or even at flea markets and street vendors. I once splurged on a designer Prada pair but as soon as it got hot enough for me to sweat, they slid down my small Asian nose and I was annoyed. My favorite pair of sunglasses ever?  I don’t know if I have found them yet. I have worn several pairs to ‘death’ til the plastic is peeling and the lens are scratched like crazy. It is no secret that I love glasses and sunglasses!


     Last week I got my first pair of sunglasses from Glasses Shop online and I love them.  There are numerous styles on the site for different face shapes and nose heights. They provide free shipping for orders over $59 and they recently had a $3 sale too!

    Since I got LASIK last summer, I have been on the hunt for a pair of great sunglasses. Without the barrier of contact lens, my eyes have become more sensitive to light, sun and even wind. There were so many to choose from and it is always hard to tell what looks great on you depending on your mood but I ended up picking a purple floral pair called Westlake.  Very reminiscent of my time in LA where I lived in Westlake downtown LA!!

    I picked these using their virtual TRY ON feature which was fun and very helpful. You can upload your own pic, take it from your webcam or use the model faces that they provide for you. First you pick your pupils then you can zoom in and out to ‘try’ on the glasses.

     The Retail Price: $199.75 but the price offered on GlassesShop.com was: $49.95


    I was really happy with the speedy delivery and when the glasses arrived they came with a small microfiber cleaning cloth and purple glasses case.  The lens are perfectly crisp and clear. They are retro inspired and so cool!  Can’t wait to wear them all summer long.

    Anyone need new glasses/sunglasses!! –>>> Use my promo code GSYVONNE (20% off site wide at www.glassesshop.com

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    A Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays: Looking good with @Moscot

    A Gentleman’s Guide to the Holidays is here.  This special feature showcases my top holiday gift ideas of the year.  Take it from me– I’m a dude, and I keep it classy like Ron Burgundy.  It’s my mission to help guide you through the madness of the holiday season with a collection of simple, manly, and sophisticated products for the gentlemen in your life.

    In this edition, I’m happy to present a longtime, family owned company that makes classic eyewear in the great city of New York.  Since 1915, Moscot eyewear has been doing it right with a fascinating history- beginning with an Eastern European immigrant selling eyeglasses from a pushcart in the Lower East Side, before blossoming into an iconic NYC institution.

    vintage Moscot via Instagram @moscotnyc

    Sometimes worn for sun protection, often worn because it’d be impossible to see anything without them.  Whatever the reason, Moscot has always designed timeless frames for all occasions.

    I’d like to introduce fellow gentleman and all around top-notch nice guy, Lance Lee, to show off two of my favorite frames from the Moscot Originals collection: YUKEL and LEMTOSH.

    YUKEL by Moscot.

    Fun fact: Lance loves books.
    His current favorite is “The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle” by Haruki Murakami
    This book is not by Murakami.

    LEMTOSH SAGE sunglasses by Moscot.

    Fun fact: Lance hails from sunny California.
    Sunglasses are the norm in California because it’s so darn sunny all the time.
    “This way to the dunes, dude!”


    This collection is based on styles from the Moscot archives from 1930-1970 and retain the authenticity of the original frame styles from the lenses, down to the traditional hardware.  Their throwback style pays homage to the old school eyewear first fabricated by the company in the 1940s.

    Moscot Eyewear have three flagship shops in New York City and one in Seoul, South Korea.  Their frames are also available at various retailers across the world.  If you prefer the internet, moscot.com has got you covered.

    A special thanks to Lance Lee for modeling these frames!  Stay classy.

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    Summer Sunnies with @Lumete

    Happy May Day! What better way to kick off the new month than with an equally new pair of awesome, show stopping shades? Lumete Eyewear has a unique line of sun blockers that’ll give you an extra edge this summer. The collection includes six distinct styles in a variety of designs and colors! My favorite pair for the summer is the Vendrina Seafoam design. The pale green color is great to accent the trending pastels I’ll be wearing this season, plus I love the dipped side design — so chic!
    Based in New York, Lumete is an independent sunglasses brand for women, by women. A favorite of style icons such as Ms. Dita Von Teese, Lumete’s innovative handmade sunglasses combine sculptural detail, symbolic ornamentation and ultrafemininity.
    The name Lumete (‘lou-met’) is derived from amulet, which means aprecious object used for protection and luck, and lumen, meaning light. Drawing inspiration from alchemy and Gnostic symbolism, Lumete’s designs evoke a reverence for eyewear.
    To check out the whole collection, and where to find them, visit www.lumete.com.
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    @SEEEyewear Soho Grand Opening

    SEE Eyewear Boutique just celebrated the grand opening of its new Soho store last week.  I love, love their funky frames, and did I mention that their sunglasses are always just $99? SEE prides itself on offering “fashionomically correct” prices and they sell all of their styles exclusively, so you won’t find them anywhere else.

    I had a litte fun trying on a few styles.  What do you think??

    SEE also has 2 other locations in Manhattan and locations in California, Colorado, DC, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee.

    SEE Eyewear

    For more information, visit their website: www.seeeyewear.com

    xoxo, Olisa