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    Essential Packing Tips For Cold Weather Vacations

    Taking a vacation doesn’t always involve sunbathing and hitting the beach. Cold weather holidays are a chance to explore the outdoors and try some adrenaline-pumping activities. If you’re planning a winter break, here are some packing tips to help you prepare. Adventure holidays Have you booked a climbing trip or are you planning to go cycling, hiking or fishing on your travels? If you’re visiting a cold country, and you plan to spend most of your time outdoors, you’ll need warm clothing. In countries like Switzerland, Canada, and Iceland, temperatures can fall well below freezing. Make sure you have plenty of thermals and warm layers. Protect your extremities with gloves,…

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    Fight Aging: Drinkable Beauty Shots

    Revolutionary supplement from Osmosis Skincare helps reverse daily sugar damage to prevent sagging and wrinkles Sugar. We are surrounded by it at almost every meal yet sweets are often one of the most overlooked causes of so many skin, gut, and general health issues. In particular, an overabundance of it in your diet is speeding up one process: aging. At fault is a natural occurrence called glycation and Osmosis Skincare’s Sugar Detox Harmonized Water is a revolutionary supplement created to curb its effects on the skin. All of us are experiencing the effects of aging from Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs). This results from excess sugar in our blood stream attaching to collagen making it tough and aging it before…

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    Inglot has just teamed up with makeup artist Dorothy Lata and fragrance companay Takasago to develop  a unique troupe of new mixable fragrances. Fashioned after the four natural elements, each scent offers the most unique expression to match each individual you!  You can try the scents on your own or mix and match to develop your own personal brand! EARTH – Indulgence, Elegance, Determination AIR – Charisma, Tranquility, Originality WATER – Passion, Creativity, Harmony FIRE – Confidence, Strength, Adventure       You can buy your fragrance online for $45 or all 4 for $135. To see more, take a look here to see great deals on makeup and fragrances with Inglot.…

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    Drink @DVF x Evian Water #DVFlovesEVIAN

    evian® Natural Spring Water carries on its celebration of youth and purity with the release of the newest addition to its limited edition bottle collection by iconic American designer Diane von Furstenberg. evian’s latest limited edition bottle by Diane von Furstenberg reflects a playful celebration of life and features a nod to the designer’s iconic mantra with “Water is Life is Love is Life is Water is…,” gracing the bottle in her distinct handwriting. Von Furstenberg drew inspiration from her personal relationship with evian® water and her own love of life. The result is a unique design that combines evian’s commitment to purity with DVF’s youthful and optimistic philosophy. “We…

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    @MoleculeProject vs @zerowaterfilter

    I just heard on the news that there is a new water cafe that opened in East Village called Molecule. I am excited to be the first to list it on Yelp 🙂 The water there is filtered through a state of the art filtration system and cost $2.50 for one glass bottle. I can’t wait to try it and see how it compares to my Zero Water Filter!

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    Drink Fresh @ZeroWaterFilter

    If you remember, 6 months ago I got my first ZERO WATER FILTER  – I went to buy a new filter because the old one started to look crazy (on the left) enough though the water reader was still reading 000 when tested. You are suppose to change it when it reads 006.  Water from the tap here in Brooklyn reader 032.  The new filter has a slimmer shape and filters a bit faster than the old one.  I like it! Make sure you are not drinking toilet/tap water by getting the Zero Water Filtration system!

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