• My dog Cami

    Duty Mitt for Puppies and Grown Up Dogs

    I read somewhere that when dogs feel extremely comfortable, protected and secure, they will expose their belly. The thinking is that ancestrally, in the wild, exposing your vulnerable parts (belly and groin) can put an animal in danger. But household pets hundreds of years later definitely will be doing lots of that.  My dog Cami shows her happiness by rolling – ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. This means a simple park visit could be a long bath afterwards. The parks in Vegas always have dried grass bits, leaves and dust that sticks to her short double coat. Even though Cami went from 8 to 80 lbs really quick, she will always be our baby!

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    We were given the opportunity to test our the Duty Mitt. This compact cleaning wipe is awesome to keep in the car! The Pet Grooming Mitt is the ultimate pet grooming product. It is a single use, disposable product that offers a gentle, cleansing formula and mild deodorizer-essential for maintaining a clean and healthy coat. The non-toxic ingredients control pet odors and reduce allergy-causing dander. With The Pet Grooming Mitt you get “A Clean Fresh Wipe Every Time.”


    • Grooming mitt for all pets
    • Alternative to a bath
    • Wipes away dirt and odors
    • Antibacterial & hypo-allergenic
    • Eco-Friendly

    Veterinarian Approved For Daily Use

    Aqua, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, Benzalkonium Chloride, Dimethicone, Polysorbate-20, Capryly/Capryl Glucoside, Parfum

  • New York

    The Klhip is Here

    Does the attractiveness of hands and nails matter? Yes it does! One of the biggest things that can scream unprofessional and undateable is having gross hands and dirt under your nails. There is cool and stylish new nail clipper and it is called Klhip.

    The Ultimate Clipper from Klhip, a specially designed, ergonomic nail clipper designed to prevent nail snags with it’s odd, forward facing hold. 
    Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 4.21.01 PMThe Ultimate Clipper comes with a lifetime warranty, and the company will also sharpen them for you… for life!
  • My Dog Jacob

    Smartly Designed Grooming Kit @KaufmannMerc

    They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Return the favor by treating your favorite companion to Kaufmann Mercantile’s Stainless Steel & Beech Wood Dog Grooming Kit. Intended for everyday use, our beechwood comb features wide teeth to gently detangle and de-mat unruly fur. Periodically use the stainless steel scissors to precisely trim delicate areas around your pooch’s paws and ears. For short or long-haired dogs, pamper your pet with this specially designed grooming kit. Also see our grooming kit for cats.

    Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 9.50.47 PM

    Production & Design

    This dog care set was made in Maniago, Italy, a city with a history of steel blade production dating back to the medieval 1500s. Due to their proximity to Venice, the old blacksmiths of Maniago were permitted to use the streams to cool and cut their steel during tool production.

    The company that produced and designed this grooming kit was founded in 1912, specializing in farming tools. In 1952, with four generations of tool making under its belt, the company decided to hone its focus solely on knives for the home kitchen and professional butchery.

    Since then, the company continues to innovate and improve its products. Recent innovations include knives fitted with “paperstone” handles made of post-consumer waste paper and recycled cardboard “booklet” boxes to replace the bulky knife stand and messy knife drawer. The pet care line is the first foray outside of food preparation and serving tools.


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  • Toronto,  WorldWide

    From Fuzzy to Fabulous @FuzzWaBar

    I wanna go to Fuzz Wax Bar just because the name is so fun! Fuzz Wax Bar is one of Queen Street West’s newest beauty bars offering a range of services for men and women that focuses on one thing only – getting rid of the fuzz. The concept behind Toronto’s first wax bar is simple: high-quality, quick service combined with affordable pricing within a sophisticated, clean service-oriented environment.

    I’ve never understood why something as straightforward as a wax took almost an hour to complete and came with such a high price tag,” said Gaven. “By focusing on a single service, we are able to keep our prices affordable while making sure we excel at what we do. No one wants to spend 45 minutes getting hair ripped off their bodies.”<— TRUTH

    Fuzz Wax Bar is located at 701 Queen St. W., and is open Tuesday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.  For more info, or to book an appointment, please call 647.748.3899 or email info @ fuzzwaxbar.com.

    um… The Manzilian? Lol, I love it!


  • My Dog Jacob

    Clean up Puppy! @Planetdog1997

    Planet Dog’s new Waterless 2-in-1 Shampoo conveniently turns bathing into an easy one-step process by offering a conditioning dry-wash formula made from a blend of naturally derived ingredients:  coconut; coconut oil; oatmeal and almond extracts; and oatmeal and almond fragrances.  Waterless shampoos are an emerging favorite, and our version contains no synthetic dyes and is easy to use.  Just spray liberally onto a dry or damp coat, brush, rub or comb it in and then dry with a towel – no water or rinsing necessary.        

    The Oatmeal 2-in-1 Shampoo offers a soothing and conditioning blend of naturally derived ingredients:  coconut; coconut oil; oatmeal and almond extracts; and oatmeal and almond fragrances.  When applied to a wet coat, it forms a conditioning, easy-to-rinse lather. The natural conditioners in the formula leave the coat soft and tangle-free.

    Planet Dog’s Deodorizing Shampoo is also naturally derived from coconut and coconut oil, but it also utilizes a blend of odor-neutralizing compounds that bond with and neutralize malodor molecules, rendering them permanently undetectable. The deodorizing combination helps eliminate skunk and other tough odors.

    The new Healing Shampoo was specifically formulated to relieve dry, itchy and irritated skin.  It clams and soothes the skin and is an effective treatment for skin allergies, eczema and hot spots. It also includes naturally derived ingredients from coconut and is pH balanced with coconut oil and eucalyptus.  Planet Dog refers to it as their “medicated” shampoo due to chloroxylenol (PCX), a highly effective and anti-microbial active ingredient that helps treat common skin irritations.    


    The Oatmeal 2-in-1 Shampoo, Deodorizing Shampoo and Healing Shampoo are sold in 16-ounce and one gallon recyclable containers.  The Waterless 2-in-1 Shampoo is only available in the 16-ounce size.  Retailers and groomers can place an order at http://www.planetdogretailer.com or by calling Planet Dog toll-free at 800-381-1516.  Consumers can purchase them online at http://www.planetdog.com, by calling Planet Dog or at retailers nationwide.


    Sit. Speak. Act.Ò


    Planet Dog is proud to donate 2% of every purchase to the Planet Dog Foundation (PDF) to support canine service programs nationwide.  Since January 2006, PDF has given away more than $850,000 in cash grants and in-kind product donations to help more dogs help more people in need.  In addition, PDF receives 100% of the profits from its best-selling Orbee-Tuff® Glow for Good Ball.  http://www.planetdogfoundation.org

  • WorldWide

    Boys Just Wanna Have Fun with EvolutionMan @EVMAN411

    Take a peek into the average guy’s bathroom and you might find a handful of basic grooming products. Look in the average woman’s bathroom and you’ll probably find an avalanche of beauty goodies.  It’s easy to become a product junkie with so many great options on the market, but why should the ladies get to have all the fun?

    Asking this question, EvolutionMan came up with a modern line of skincare and grooming products with every man in mind. Whether he is a Hip Bachelor, Outdoorsy Guy, Workaholic, or Pefectionist, EvolutionMan has a product just for him.

    EvolutionMan uses the highest quality ingredients in their man-pampering products, enabling men to look their best with minimal effort.

    Here’s a rundown of the product line:


    • Cleanse & Shave ($20): Dual-action time-saver that cleanses the skin and softens the beard.
    • Wash & Buff ($19): Award-winning product and efficient daily exfoliator powered by non-irritating micro-beads.


    • Moisture Protect SPF20 ($20): Keep your guy’s skin hydrated all day with a matte moisturizer that not only conditions the skin, but protects it at the same time.
    • Lip Balm SPF 15 ($10): Guaranteed to keep your main-squeezes lips kissable and conditioned, with a long-lasting matte finish.


    • Revitalize Eye Gel ($24): Does your guy work too much, and lack on sleep? This matte finish, lightweight hydrator will keep his eye area cool and calm.
    • Conceal ($20): Pair the Revitalize Eye Gel with a sheer, lightweight concealer that will smoothly blend away dark circles and imperfections.


    • Conceal & Treat ($21): Blendable concealer stick that covers blemishes or razor rash.
    • Moisture Protect SPF20 Bronze ($21): Give your guy a perfect all over glow with triple play – moisturizer, sun protection and bronzer all in one.

    And, to keep EVERY ‘GENT organized…

    • Recycled Tire Toiletries Bag ($50): This bag is sexy enough for your modern man, and durable enough for the outdoorsy guy. It is true function tempered with fashion.


    To find these products, visit www.evolution-man.com

    kisses, Olisa