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    IT Cosmetics Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

    Take the stress out of your holiday shopping, avoid the lines and endless searching for the right gifts! Let IT Cosmetics help you quickly cross off all the beautiful women on your gifting list with amazing online BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY beauty deals! itcosmetics.com is your one-stop shop this holiday season!


    Black Friday Weekend

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    Happy shopping!

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    Essential Packing Tips For Cold Weather Vacations

    Taking a vacation doesn’t always involve sunbathing and hitting the beach. Cold weather holidays are a chance to explore the outdoors and try some adrenaline-pumping activities. If you’re planning a winter break, here are some packing tips to help you prepare.

    Adventure holidays

    Have you booked a climbing trip or are you planning to go cycling, hiking or fishing on your travels? If you’re visiting a cold country, and you plan to spend most of your time outdoors, you’ll need warm clothing. In countries like Switzerland, Canada, and Iceland, temperatures can fall well below freezing. Make sure you have plenty of thermals and warm layers. Protect your extremities with gloves, thick socks, and hats. Choose sturdy footwear, and cover vests, jumpers, and fleeces with a waterproof coat. Keep your neck warm with a scarf. Look out for brands and products that are designed for the outdoors.  You’ll need something more high-tech than your average puffer jacket. Search for reviews and compare prices online. You can often save money on popular brands by making use of offers like Journey coupons.


    Image from https://www.flickr.com/photos/grand_canyon_nps/8506635837


    Skiing holidays

    Are you preparing to whizz down the pristine white slopes of Whistler, St Anton or Val d’Isere? If so, you’ll need to pack carefully. Your winter dog walking outfit is not geared up for the snow-capped peaks. Make sure you have specialist ski gear that will keep you warm and dry. You can hire equipment like skis and goggles out there. But make sure you have appropriate clothing with you. If you’re keen to enjoy the apres-ski, don’t forget to pack some more formal attire. Faux fur is a great addition to any winter wardrobe. It will keep you toasty and ensure you look glam.

    Image by http://www.adventurejay.com/blog/index.php?m=04&y=15


    Winter cruises

    Are you embarking on an adventure in the Norwegian Fjords, or going whale watching in Alaska? If you’re cruising in the winter, you’ll need a mixture of outfits. On the boat, it’ll be nice and warm. But when you venture out into the wilds, it’s a totally different story. Pack some comfortable clothes to relax on your journey, as well as some smart casual outfits for dinner and drinks. Tracksuits are excellent for lounging around. Go for long-sleeved dresses or jeans, jackets and blouses for more formal occasions. For outdoor pursuits, you’ll need a thick coat, walking shoes or fur-lined boots, and thermals. Wrap up warm with a hat, a scarf, and gloves. If you’re trying out activities like snowmobiling, it’s also wise to take a balaclava.

    Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/cruise-cruise-ship-ship-norway-874485/

    Usually, when you think of packing for a vacation, you start digging out bikinis, sandals, and shorts. If you’re going a winter holiday, your formula will probably be very different. Your main aim should be to keep warm and stay comfortable. If you’re going hiking or cycling, you don’t need to look your best. Focus on layering and wrapping up. Invest in outerwear and fleeces, but don’t neglect your fingers and toes. Go for thick socks and thermals, and don’t forget hats, scarves, and gloves.

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    Bed Head: Who Said Size Matters?

    Great News! Bed Head just launched a new collection of mini hair tools, which have all the power in half the size. Now you’re able to touch up quickly, easily style short hair and bangs and conveniently bring them on any getaway!
    The line consists of three mini styling irons that have Ceramic Technology and high heat up to 400° F. What’s more, each iron includes a heat-resistant drawstring pouch, making these irons easy to stash. So, whoever said good things don’t come in small packages, they just proved you wrong.
    Bed Head Line Up™ Electric Green Mini Ceramic Straightener ($19.99, Ulta): Straight-out sexy, shiny, stress-free hair. Perfect for small touch-ups, including bangs, roots and ends.
    Bed Head Power Lift™ Purple Haze Mini Ceramic Crimper ($19.99, Ulta): Style intervention to power your hair and pump up the volume. Perfect for adding volume at the roots and creating quirky styles on the fly.
    Bed Head Attitude Overhaul™ Pinkaholic Mini Ceramic Straightener ($19.99, Ulta): Keep your attitude in check with seriously straight, extra shiny, frizz free hair. Perfect for creating sleek styles, no matter where you go! Ideal for thick or longer hair types.
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    Food, Glorious (Italian) Food!

    Of course she was hungry. She was in Italy, wasn’t she? – from “Love on the Rocks: A Positano Tale”

    Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.52.32 PMItaly. Food. Italian food in Italy. Yes.

    The country that produced the Colosseum, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Valentino, can also claim to have given the world some pretty darn good things to eat. It just can’t be disputed. Well, I guess it can, but I won’t listen to any arguments. Therefore, if you are traveling to Italy, prepare to surrender yourself (and any sort of possible diet) to the food, and more importantly, to enjoy yourself in the process of eating.

    Pizza, Gelato, Nutella-Oh My!
    Italy has typically been stereotyped as a country synonymous with pizza, gelato, and Nutella, and with good reason. The first thin crust pizza margherita was made in Naples to honor the visit of Prince Umberto and Queen Margherita of Italy. Little did the creator, Raffaele Esposito, know how popular his masterpiece would become, and how it would (literally) expand around the globe (think American thick crust versions). Although it’s rooted in Sicily, in the 1920-30s, the first gelato cart was developed in the northern Italian city of Varese. And then there’s Nutella– a category in and unto itself. The popular chocolate hazelnut spread  by Ferraro can be found in candies, pastries, and various gelato flavors. But there’s so much more to Italian cuisine than these well-known favorites.  Arancini (fried and stuffed rice balls), traditional Roman amatriciana, Venetian black squid ink pasta, hearty Tuscan panzanella and ribolita.… and don’t forget about the fresh fruit and produce being sold in the local piazzas. There’s much to choose from, and even the the pickiest non-foodie will be spoiled with the endless culinary choices. So, by all means, enjoy that pizza, gelato, and Nutella (spread on just about anything), but remember to give the local dishes a chance.

    Snacks? Yes, I Think So.
    Is there ever a wrong time to snack while on vacation (and in Italy, no less)? I think not. First of all, your stomach will most likely still be in a different time zone for half your trip, causing you to feel hungry all the time. And second, you are in Italy. Don’t fight it. If a coppa of creamy stracciatella is calling to you as you walk by a gelateria, listen to it. If you are trudging up Via San Marco in Positano (in the 90 degree+ heat) and you feel it necessary, in fact, imperative, that you stop for a thirst-quenching rossini and some salty pistachios to help you make it up the rest of the hill or stairs, then do what you gotta do. Some of my finest travel memories in Italy involve my friends and me snacking away in various places and the laughs we had (some of it induced by how many adult beverages we’d consumed, but nonetheless classic fun). So, repeat after me: snacking = necessary time to rest, recharge, and get ready for another round.

    You’re Worried About What?
    Food is good and exceptionally good food is even better. Keep this in mind as you travel in Italy or for that matter, anywhere. I’ve wasted many vacations anxiously fretting about my calorie consumption and how I was possibly going to burn it all off. It did not make for an enjoyable trip for me or my friends who had to invariably listen to me complain. I’ve since gotten over that and learned to appreciate one of Italy’s finest souvenirs – its food.

    P.S. If you’re in Positano or any other hill town – make use of the stairs as an “easy” workout. You’ll thank (or curse) me later.

    You’re welcome.
    About the author
    Catie Costa has traveled all over Western Europe, with repeated trips to Ireland and Italy. She currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area. She recently published a new fiction novel, “Love on the Rocks: A Positano Tale,” a story of two best friends, Kit and Bridget, who flee their humdrum lives in the States to spend an adventurous summer in Positano, Italy, where Prosecco, Nutella and romance abound. For more about the book, as well as Catie’s blog, visit http://www.positanotale.com.


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    New Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus

    There is a new ‘hack’ in town!  It is the #Wonderbottle from Downy!

    Have you ever tried a household product that really changed your daily cleaning routines? Things are shake things up so much you can’t imagine your life before them? I think this is definitely one of them. The Wonder Bottle is awesome because it removes odors, wrinkles and can be used everywhere from pet to car to bed!   Use it in your shoe closet to get rid of any smells!

    Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 1.46.51 PM

    When you iron something, spray this before hand and it won’t leave any starch stains. It is actually awesome for static cling too! I will definitely have a bottle of this on set and also at fashion week.

    This can be used to remove creases in your pillowcase, napkins, drapery and even cloth napkins. This sprays as a fine mist and it won’t leave a ‘wet’ stain. But don’t over do it – 1-2 spritz will be enough. You can get his at Walmart, Target, Krogers, and drug stores. It is in 1 -litre (perfect for home), 500 ml (Perfect for linen closet) and 3 oz (For your handbag or car!).

    The next time I travel for vacation or work, I will definitely have the Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus with me. I can simply spray your clothes with Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus, tug out any visible wrinkles, smooth the fabric, allow the dress/pants to dry and be wrinkle, static and odor free in less than five minutes!!! Silicones in Downy Wrinkle Release Plus grip the fabric fibers in garments making it possible for them to slide against each other rather than being frozen in a crease so wrinkles are no longer a time consuming part of everyday.

    Find out more on www.downywrinklereleaseplus.com

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    Adventures in Banff

    I went to Banff and Lake Louise today with my sister’s family! We ventured out to the freezing and majestic mountains to see this amazing National Park.  I was able to fully use my Samsung S5 Galaxy Dual facing camera to get this really cool shot of us in the car and the mountain!

    To get ready for the frigid temperatures, I got my Cougar boots ready and my Mackage coat! Cougar makes one of the most reliable winter boots ever!  These are fashionable, fun and comfy.

    A pair of Caribou antlers at the Fairmount Lake Louise!