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    I love the Glam Foodie @tricia002

    Breakfast at Tiffany’s? I think not… We are much more luxe in this part of town

    This is a Sip, Chat, Chow Exclusive from Yours Truly- The Glam Foodie (Tricia). Here’s my latest creation- Cereal Couture, that I conceived, styled and produced. It was inspired by my love of fashion, style and amazing food. I wanted to take something we all crave and give it a luxury lift. This tasty, chic collection gives a high-end, glam aesthetic to our favorite breakfast treats.
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    Takashi Murakami

    Sup Cole World ;0),
    If you love Contemporary art just as much as i do then you will appreciate the work of this modern day genius. His name is Takashi Murakami and he does Japanese contemporary art as well as designs tangible pieces for a variety of entertainers worldwide and is a contributor designer for Louis Vuitton Doll line and be sure to check more of his masterpeices out. Enjoy :0)
    My personal favorite piece
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    Wearing Dark Fantasy

    Kanye West. Can enough be said to describe him?

    Set to debut for purchase today (Monday April 9/11) are Kanye West’s limited ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ – inspired scarves.

    Ballerina. Face. Phoenix. Power. Priest. The titles of each piece of art created by Kanye in collaboration with Parisian graphic design studio, M/M; as well as George Condo, who painted the original art on the album. Unsurprisingly, there are a limited 100 of each silk design at a price tag of $364, to purchase visit mmparis.com or colette.fr.

    We can all recall Yeezy’s hiatus when he went into (what seemed like) underground mode, while interning at the fashion house of Fendi. After a sneaker line for Louis Vuitton and his own Pastel clothing line, not to mention his undeniable eye for personal clean lines, its been obvious that Kanye’s passion for fashion and art are no less than real. The scarves are meant to be worn in layers, so the limited quantity and heavy price tag will encourage exclusivity to the individuals who rock them as intended.

    I probably won’t ever forget the emotions I experienced the first time I watched Kanye’s movie, Runaway. It was the evening of it’s premier and it seemed like the world was in anticipation. Staying clear of twitter and any other mediums, I was prepared to watch and discover my own review before hearing anyone else’s take. Private time growing up often involved some book or another, favorite authors would include Toni Morrison, Alice Walker, Yaan Martel. One thing in common of each piece was their use of imagery in subliminal messaging. Anyways, I was submerged in Runaway for this same reason, if you deny that it was anything less than epic… another ‘go at it is in order. Press play.


    Poetic. Creative. Talented. Artistic. Exclusive. Mention one characteristic that doesn’t apply. The ever-so talented Mr. West graces us with (yet) another Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.


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    In Love w. Louis

    I love ad’s that catch my attention and when it comes to fashion (especially couture) its becoming more and more difficult to decipher between designers when it comes to print!

    I spotted this ad in the April 2011 edition of UK Vogue and immediately fell in love! I’m obsessed with intricacy and detail so the Lurex Guipure pieces like the monogram fan in this above and seen on the runway below takes me beyond excitement.  The campaign is sexy, racy and daring… everything that France and Louis Vuitton should be. xo.