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    Ardsley, NY – January 15th – Pura Naturals Pet launches 2019 with a new Collegiate Veterinary Program targeted to our future Veterinarians. The new program will aid collegiate Veterinary Programs in the USA, providing donations of all-natural health and wellness solutions for the companion animals they treat, and training students and clinicians on how to administer these solutions. By targeting future Veterinarians, these students are educated on added options for organic and holistic healing for the patients and communities they support. As part of the new program, Pura Naturals Pet donated products to the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University in Massachusetts for use in the school’s low-cost…

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    Completely Cats

    A duo from New Zealand and France have formed Completely Cats, an organisation set up with a big ambition; to make a real difference to cat care and welfare throughout the world. Both Brits, Zoe, a commissioning editor and Beth, a best-selling author are passionate about felines. By combining their skills they are self-funding a book of short stories about cats. With the help of their partners Katzenworld, a top online cat magazine, and International Cat Care, a highly respected charity, they have launched a global appeal to cat owners and supporters to contribute their own epic, heart-warming tales. Written by cat lovers for cat lovers the book will be…

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    A TINY Obsession

    The cutest things come in the smallest packages. Former Go Pro Senior Designer, Chris Clearman, has launched a new venture, TINY™ Tents. Those miniature display tents that are “oh so cute” at sporting good stores are now a reality featuring all the realities of full-sized tents. Chris launched this brand because he “always wanted a Tiny Tent.” The size large is the perfect cozy hiding spot for a dog or cat! This would make an amazing gift! It has become quite the obsession! Proof Below: Clearman’s mission –  to equip the world with miniature tents.  “There is something awesome about a tiny tent that I can’t really put a finger on,” says Clearman. Each…

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    Get a New Perspective: @Petcube

    Petcube is a home gadget that lets you watch, talk and play laser games with your pet through mobile app anytime, anywhere. Petcube was funded with Kickstarter and became the most successful crowdfunded pet product in history. The first batch of gadgets will ship in May 2014. Play with your pet using a laser pointer. Real time, like a video game! Share fun pics and videos with your friends in the process Call your pet up if he or she is out of sight At Petcube we are working on a device for pet owners that allows them to watch, talk and play laser games with their pets through a…

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    In the mind of a dog with Throw the Damn Ball, from @PlumeBooks

    Surely, dogs have thoughts. And what a range of thoughts they have. From the philosophical:  Do I look like I’ve been caught Deep in thought and with emotion fraught? As if some distant land I’ve charted? Don’t be fooled. It’s just that I’ve farted. To the intense: Rhyming is for cats, with their tiny, tiny lips and pretentious little way of nibbling their food. When you drop them, they always land on their feet, which is tedious, like knowing that at the end of the line you’re always going to get a rhyme. You want your poem to rhyme? I have one word for you: Pussy. Back to the philosophical:…

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    Every kitty needs @whiskerslist!

    I admit that there was once upon a time when I found dates (and disastrous relationships) through Craigslist. There’s no shame (right?). But what about all the cats of the world? You know, the ones who are always on the Internet searching for love, searching for jobs, or just out to find the latest sweet deal on a shredded toilet roll artist? Introducing the cutest, most hilarious book every kitty (and its owner) deserves to have: WHISKERSLIST: the kitty classifieds. From “personals” and “gigs” to “help wanted” and “vacation rentals,” this tongue-in-cheek read reveals the inner lives of our felines through 160 fun-filled posts. Who knew kitty had such interests?…