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    Kleanbowl Giveaway

    One of the biggest things for me is keeping Jacob’s food bowl clean! This Kleanbowl is an awesome way to ensure freshness for each and everyday. If you want to win this bowl, tweet a photo of your dog to @heydoyou and follow – @KinnInc on Twitter!


    The new Kleanbowl TM brings pet parents peace of mind with its stainless steel holder which secures the Nourish-Pet Kleanbowl refills in place to reduce issues with removing, eating, spilling or damaging the inner bowl. Easy to set up and eco-friendly, the Kleanbowl reduces health risks to pets and offers a no mess convenience. The Kleanbowl is available at select pet boutiques and veterinary clinics nationwide as well as KinnInc.com

    Kleanbowl features include:

    • Stainless steel holder to secure the disposable Nourish-Pet Kleanbowl Refill in place to prevent pets from removing, eating, spilling or damaging the bowl itself.
    • Comes with 7 Nourish-Pet Kleanbowl Refills
    • Sizes: 8, 16 and 24 Oz.
    • MSRP: $17.95-$22.95
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    Puppy for Christmas?

    It seems that every holiday season brings the “must-have” toys or gifts for kids, but there is one that tends to be a perpetual crowd-pleaser: a puppy.

    Sienna and Buddha from CutieandtheBeast

    And if your kids want a pup this year, you may want to first consider the following six tips to help find the ideal pup to join your family. Dr. Yasmine Mortsakis, DVM, Director of Health & Wellness at NY Vet Practice, which offers full-service veterinary care at Biscuits & Bath, and Biscuits & Bath Behavior Counselor Tito Rivera advise:

    • Consider your child’s age. Puppies are a lot of work, and families with small children should consider adopting an older dog, as these pooches are already trained and make great companions.
    • Be mindful of your child’s temperament. Companion breeds are usually a better choice for small children or children with disabilities. Also, regardless of the breed, small children tend to do better with calmer dogs.
    • Supervise puppy play. Before their first interaction with the new pup, children should be taught the proper way to handle and treat their new four-legged friend. Interactions between a dog and a young child (under 10 years) should always be supervised by a responsible adult.
    • Be prepared to train your new pup. Keep in mind that there will be an adjustment period for your new dog while he/she gets acquainted with its new family, and most dogs will need some level of training upon entering a new home. The Biscuits & Bath Training and Behavior Department offers a complimentary phone consultation prior to getting your new pup. This is an important first step that can lead to many years of enjoying your dog successfully.
    • Visit a vet ASAP. It’s important to the long-term health of your new dog to get him/her a veterinary exam early on. Then schedule annual checkups to maintain good health. NY Vet Practice offers a complimentary phone consultation prior to picking up your new dog.
    • Adopt from a shelter or pet rescue. So many loveable dogs are abandoned, and they are in need of a good home and make great companions. Also, most of these dogs have already had their behavior evaluated, so you can more easily find the dog that’s the best fit for your family.
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    Keeping Your Pet Safe During The Dog Days of Winter

    Cold winter months are just as tough on pets as they are on people.  Since it appears our next polar vortex might be just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about how to protect Fido during the frigid winter.  Pet expert and owner of Pet Naturals Jami Ippolito has some tips for dog owners:

    Steer Clear Of Salt: The salt used to melt snow and ice can burn your pets’ little paws.  Jami recommendsMusher’s Secret, a wax-like product that forms a barrier between the padding on their paws and the salty, icy ground.


    Be Mindful Of Their Menu: While it’s important to always serve your dog nutritious food, it’s especially vital during the winter months.  Fishes like salmon, sardines and whitefish provide important Omega 3 fatty acids that help ward off dry, itchy skin, maintain a healthy, shiny coat and preserve brain function and mental acuity. Jami recommends rotating between a fish-based food and a health treatment like Alaskan Naturals Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil to ensure your dog is getting the nutrients they need to be at their best this winter.


    Choose Clothing Carefully: While most dogs need some type of protection against the elements, short-haired dogs need extra warmth.  When possible opt for a jacket or coat that’s water-resistant to keep them from getting wet in the snow, sleet or rain.


    Pamper Their Paws (and Skin): Much like the way winter weather can lead to dry, chapped skin in people, it can wreak havoc on your pup.  Moisturize their paws and skin with Coconut Oil to prevent the itching and cracking brought on by cold weather-related dryness.  When it comes time for grooming, Jami also recommends a using moisture-rich shampoo like Earthbath Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Shampoo.


    Bust Their Boredom: The inability to run, play and spend time outside can lead to dog feeling cooped up. Ward off their boredom and keep them active by making sure you have plenty of raw bones and new toys around.

    For more information, high resolution images or to speak with Jami Ippolito about this or any other topic please contact Samantha Crafton Public Relations directly.


    About Paw Naturals: Founded in 2007 by Jami Ippolito, Paw Naturals is Chicago’s leading provider of premium dog and cat food and health/lifestyle products.  Understanding that our pets are part of our families, Paw Naturals is passionate about providing quality products, up-to-date information and exceptional customer service to pet owners – Jami and her team expertly take the guesswork out of what’s best and healthiest for your pets. In addition to organic, naturals and raw food options, Paw Naturals offers healthy pet treats, vitamins/supplements, herbal remedies and all-natural grooming products ranging from shampoos and spritzes to eye, ear and dental care.  Located at 932 W. Monroe, Paw Naturals is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm and SaturdaySunday from 9:00 am – 8:00 pm.  For more information or to shop online 24/7, visitwww.pawnaturals.com.

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    10 Must Have Gifts for Pet Lovers

    1. Silent & Unique Identification with the Twigo Pet ID Tag www.twigotags.com

    2. Keep the Pet, Lose the Smell! Critter Zone now has an air purifier you can plug into your car for clean air on the go – for you and the cat and the stink bombs. Great for the hotel room too.  http://critterzoneusa.com/

    3. Stay Calm & Bark (or Meow) On! BH Pet Gear just released the AKC Calming Coat & Calm Cat this Spring to ease your pet’s anxiety from Thunderstorms or other loud noises you may encounter along the way.  http://www.calm-coat.com/

    4. New Interactive Puzzle Dog Toy by CYNJO.com called the Foobler!
    Click here to check out the timer activated toy! http://cynjo.com/products/foobler

    5. The Loving Bowl! Give your pet a knife and fork with the revolutionary Loving Pet Bowl. Great for smushed faced dogs and cats and comes in pink, white and blue. http://thelovingbowl.com/

    6. Delightibles | Delicious Gourmet Cat Treats Your Cats Will Love!

    7. Fuji & Friends! Fun dog inspired apparel for the whole family.
    8. Jorge Bendersky by M Boutique launches All-Natural Shampoo and Conditioner for Dogs, try it today: http://www.mboutiqueintl.com/31-pets-by-jorge

    9. Great Recipe Books Under $10 from Your Pet Chef, Lisa Hennessey:
    Christmas: and Hannukah

    10. Sit. Stay. Ride – New Side Care Documentary Film:
    100% of filmmaker proceeds from local screenings and 25% of DVD and On-Demand sales will be donated to animal rescue organizations nationwide. For more information, visit http://www.sidecardogs.com/.

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    Answers to the Top 3 Canine Heartworm Questions

    Answers to the Top 3 Canine Heartworm Questions

    By Dr. Marc Edward, a veterinarian and writer for Pets Best, a pet insurance agency for dogs and cats.


    1) What are heartworms, and how do dogs get them?

    Heartworm disease, or dirofilariasis, is a potentially serious disease seen primarily in dogs throughout the United States and other areas. Heartworm disease is transmitted by mosquitos, which means dogs that spend even a short amount of time outside are susceptible to the disease.

    Transmission occurs when a mosquito bites an infected host that is shedding microfilariae, or immature heartworms. The microfilariae develop within the mosquito until it bites a new host and the larvae are transmitted. This is important because without the mosquito, heartworm disease cannot be contracted. Once inside the new host, the heartworm larvae migrate and develop until reaching their ultimate destination in the pulmonary arteries. Once in the pulmonary arteries, the adult heartworms start producing microfilariae and the life cycle starts over.


    2) What are the signs and symptoms of heartworm disease?

    Due to the systemic nature of heart problems, many different symptoms are possible with heartworm disease. However, dogs with heartworm disease are generally classified into one of four categories of symptom severity:

    • Class 1 animals generally have no clinical symptoms, with the exception of a possible mild cough.
    • Class 2 dogs may experience coughing, fatigue and weight loss, but not heart failure.
    • Class 3 canines may have constant fatigue, persistent coughing, difficulty breathing, liver problems and may experience congestive heart failure.
    • Class 4 dogs have all of the previously mentioned symptoms and often experience liver failure, low blood pressure, shock and death.


    3) How is heartworm disease prevented and treated?

    Preventing heartworm disease in canines is very easy, relatively inexpensive and generally safe. Heartworm disease can easily be prevented by administering a monthly preventative heartworm medication. There are a variety of products available in today’s market, but they do require a prescription from a veterinarian. Additionally, many heartworm products also help prevent and treat other types of parasites. Your veterinarian can help you decide which product is best for your dog in your area.

    Treating heartworms in a dog can range from very easy to very difficult. In mild cases of heartworm disease, an animal may be able to be treated with a series of injections to kill the adult heartworms. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary to remove the worms. Some cases with heavy infestations cannot be treated successfully.

    Heartworm disease is a common and widespread problem in dogs. I strongly recommend talking with your veterinarian about the best way to control and prevent this mosquito-driven disease. The Pets Best BestWellness plan covers preventative heartworm medication.

    To learn more about Pets Best, visit www.petsbest.com.

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    Gift Ideas for your Dog Lover @PetmateProducts

    According to a recent study by the American Veterinary Medical Association, more than 50 percent of pet owners are city dwellers, so if you’re thinking of highlighting the growing trend of urban pet ownership, Petmate offers several stylish and unique solutions for pets and their owners.

    WN_Pet Carrier Group

    –          For the on-the-go pet, the WETNOZ Carrier by Petmate is part pet carrier and part cuddle bed making it perfect to use anywhere, anytime. Ideal for pets under 20 pounds, the carrier features a plush and padded interior that is leak-free in case there are any accidents, an interior tether to keep pets safe, side pocket storage, and both a shoulder and carry handle for easy transport ($150 MSRP).

    This is perfect for a small dog!  You can take them on the subway and travel easily. It is also great for taking your cat to your vet so it is not in a cardboard box. I wish Jacob could fit in this! I would get the lime green one.

    25292_Pop-up tent Medium open

    –          The Petmate Portable Pop-Up Tent provides a shaded home away from home for pets headed to the city park. Constructed from heavy-duty water-resistant canvas, the tent folds out in seconds and features ventilated mesh-sided panels. Available in two sizes ($44.99 – $59.99 MSRP).

    How adorable! I can see cats having a great time jumping in and out of this. Again, perfect for a small to medium size dog and the ‘enclosed’ area always makes the pet feel safe for a quick nap. 

    23368_PM_silicone travel bowl_1half cup_green–          While basking in the city sun, be sure to bring along plenty of water and the Petmate Travel Bowl to keep pets nourished and hydrated. The collapsible, silicone travel bowl fits into small spaces and pockets, and the sturdy no-spill feature allows for splash-proof fun at home or on the go. Available in two colors and two sizes ($9.99 – $12.99 MSRP).

    I have this and it is the most useful pet product ever! It pops up and fold flat so you can take a water dish with you anywhere. Every time Jacob drinks from a water bottle he makes choking sounds so this little travel bowl is a must have when we play frisbee at the park!

    71090_AH_Bone Dispenser and Waste Bags

    –          Be sure to pick up after Fido with the Arm & Hammer® Bone Dispenser and Biodegradable Waste Bags by Petmate, which  harness the odor-neutralizing and freshening power of baking soda. The dispenser attaches to any leash for easy access, and the  biodegradable waste bags are made from corn starch ($9.99 MSRP).

    Totally useful and a must for all dog owners and walkers. You will have 30 bags in case of that surprise ‘2nd poo’ you weren’t prepared for!  I like the odor neutralizing aspect of it and the bone has a easy screw on and off top for replacement bags. This is a must!


    –          If your dog is a fan of the indoors, the ChuckIt! Indoor Flyer by Petmate provides the same slobber-free fun as the outdoor line, but features a soft and resilient texture, making it ideal for indoor use. ($11.99 MSRP)

    I am excited for the day when I have an apartment big enough to use this toy!  This is an indoor frisbee for your pet to play with. I think Jacob has enough toys but one more can’t hurt 🙂

    –          To create a cozy, warm nest on the coldest of loft floors, the Aspen Pet Self-Warming Bed by Petmate uses the same technology that heats Mylar “space blankets” and reflects a pet’s own body heat. Available in four sizes ($29.99-$69.99). Also available in self-cooling for pets wintering in warmer climates.

    A self warming bed? This is so cool! I can tell when Jacob is cold when he sleeps in a ball and when he is warm he is spread out. I am excited to see this Mylar technology bed and how it holds up during the winter.